Adnight is the biggest open night for the creative industry

But it wouldn't exist without the hard labor of volunteers and the continued support of our partners:



Like ADNIGHT, WeTransfer believes that creative inspiration comes when you get away from your desk and get out there. Meet new people, see new agencies and discover new work. That is why we are happy to partner with WeTransfer for the third year running to facilitate our event.

Join WeTransfer and ADNIGHT for the official festival opening at Soho House on October 4th from 17:00 to 19:00 for drinks and talks. Or visit the afterparty in partnership with WeTransfer at Paradiso. Doors of the afterparty open at 23:00.

Partner 51north


For the 4th consecutive year, 51North is ADNIGHT's design and development partner, creating a brand new identity for ADNIGHT every year. 51North makes us look good by designing all visual communication and creating and developing our digital presence.