All purchased tickets must be exchanged for an ADNIGHT wristband to be able to enter participating agencies. You can pick up your wristbands at the following locations and dates:

3-10: 6PM to 10PM at Epidemic Sound, Passeerdersgracht 19A.
4-10: 6PM to 10PM at Epidemic Sound, Passeerdersgracht 19A.

5-10 - 5PM to 9PM: Official ADNIGHT opening at CCCP, Holy Fools and The Valley, Isaäc Asscherpad 11.

- 5PM to 11PM: ADNIGHT pick-up points.
- J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, Leidseplein 29
- TBWA\NEBOKO, Generaal Vetterstraat 82
- 72andSunny, Westerstraat 187
- Isobar, Moermanskkade 89
- Dawn, Ruyschstraat 401

What is ADNIGHT?

ADNIGHT is an annual event where creative agencies and production companies all around Amsterdam open their doors for the public and present themselves by curating their own program. ADNIGHT is one of the biggest creative industry events with 4.500 visitors last year alone.

What can I expect during the night?

All agencies curate their own program, from talks and seminars to activities and agency tours. Use our timetable to compile a list of agencies and talks you’d like to attend.

What type of agencies are part of ADNIGHT?

All agencies operating in, for or at the fringes of advertising and brand building. You can visit full service and boutique agencies, specialty shops when it comes to VR, innovation, design, social, PR and production companies that create stellar film, music and digital projects.

Who can visit ADNIGHT?

ADNIGHT is for everyone working with or for creative agencies or is aspiring to work for an agency or production company. If you are working in marketing, it is an easy way to get familiar with niche disciplines, or agencies you are curious about. If you are working in the industry, it is a fun way to see what your competition is doing. And for talent it is a low key way to meet new people and maybe land that dream job!

When is ADNIGHT?

ADNIGHT will take place on Friday October 5th, 2018. Agencies will be open from 6pm to 23pm. The afterparty will start at 11.30pm and will end around 5am.

What is an ADNIGHT ticket?

ADNIGHT tickets provide access to all participating agencies and programs but not the official afterparty. Note, tickets for the afterparty will not be sold separately.

What is a ADNIGHT + Afterparty ticket?

ADNIGHT + Afterparty tickets will give you access to all participating agencies and programs. The ticket also gives you guaranteed access to the official afterparty at Paradiso in partnership with WeTransfer.

Why do I need to fill in my profession?

This makes it easier for the ADNIGHT organization to brief agencies on programs relevant for as much visitors as possible.

Can I buy a ticket for the afterparty at a later stage?

No, afterparty tickets can only be bought in combination with an ADNIGHT ticket and will not be sold separately.

Does my ticket give me immediate access to the agencies?

Yes, but only if you exchange the ticket for an ADNIGHT wristband at a dedicated pick up point. There will be one in every quarter of Amsterdam.

Where do I pick up my wristband?

There will be several dedicated ticket pick up points throughout the city to make it as convenient as possible to pick up a wrist band. You’ll also be able to pick up your ticket(s) the night before, location will follow soon.

How do I find the participating agencies?

You can select the map view in the agency overview to see where all agencies are located or select the agency you want to visit in our timetable to find their location.

How do I get access to agencies?

With an ADNIGHT ticket you get access to all participating agencies and programs. You will need to exchange your ticket for a wristband to get access. For more information, scroll up to the ticket information.

How do I make the most of my time?

Putting together your program can be quite a puzzle. Keep in mind that there are several areas where agencies are close together, like De Schinkel, Houthavens, De Grachten and Oost. This allows you to visit more agencies in a short time and spend less time traveling. We found that visitors on average spend around 1 hour at every agency they visit, which gives you at least 5 agencies to check out!

Keep in mind that parking a car can be time consuming. Most areas are easily accessible by public transport or just grab a bike.

For people coming from abroad:

Make sure you rent a bike to get around Amsterdam. This makes it a lot easier to visit multiple agencies in little time. You can get from one edge of the city to the other in about 30 minutes each way. If you come from outside the city by train, you can rent a bike called OV-fiets at the station (they’re only 3,85 euro per 24 hours).

Of course the city also has taxi’s and Ubers.