The sound waves of digital storytelling have transformed to new heights the recent years. Immerse yourself in a digital disco at our office. &.media group is a media & content label that combines the power of influencer marketing, PR, (social) media and content production. We are celebrating the new standards in holistic storytelling, ambassadors and TV- and streaming formats. Educate yourself, create an influencer worthy picture and enjoy the digital disco with beers, sangria, and disco DJs. See you there?

About us:
&.media group is a full service media & content group headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are at the forefront of the latest developments in digital marketing, PR, talent management, format development and content production. Our clients range from A-list advertisers, media agencies, influential social media talents to leading TV and online streaming channels. Storytelling is what we do best. Our biggest aim is to inspire, entertain and enrich the perceptions of people all over the world.

180 was inspired by the jungle. When acclaimed film director Francis Ford Coppola experienced production challenges while making Apocalypse Now in the Cambodian jungle, he uttered these famous words: “Whenever you get into trouble, keep going. Do a 180 degree turn. Turn the situation halfway round. Don’t look for the secure solution. Don’t pull back from the passion. Turn it on full force.” These words gave us our name and have become our mantra for the past 20 years. So...we invite you to step into the 180 jungle. Immerse yourself in the natural habitat of an award-winning global agency. Spot 180’ers in the wild. Experience the latest in creative innovation. Come with us on an advertising safari into the world as it could be.

About us:
180 exists to create The World As It Could Be. It operates as a unique global ecosystem with major hubs in Amsterdam, LA and New York, and specialist hubs in Tokyo and Paris. 300 world class professionals all committed to radical collaboration and the belief that there is nothing more powerful than a fresh perspective. Dedicated to creating ideas that have a positive impact on our clients, our people and society.
And we’ve been doing it for a while. 20 years. And counting. Delivering end-to-end creativity across advertising and content, data and insights, brand strategy, digital innovation, consultancy and design. Working with the brands, people and partners who choose to see the world just like us. Not as it is. But as it could be.

51North will redefine the meaning of silent but deadly with their upstairs silent disco at the Paradiso afterparty. We cannot guarantee that the choice of music is as stylish as their design work, but put on a set of headphones and please mind the neighbours!


Bubbles. What’s not to like about them? Champagne bubbles are our favorite! But don’t forget your own bubble, that harmonious echo chamber where everyone agrees with you. Or the recently exploded crypto bubble! As an innovative social media agency these are all bubbles we deal with everyday. During our ADNIGHT party THE FLOOR IS CAVA we tell you how our connections and interests shape our bubble and why we should pop it every now and then. But we also explain why the crypto bubble explosion is a blessing for the future of our internet, with your own NFT as a souvenir (bring your wallet!) In between you get to play an unforgettable game of Chinese AI Whispering and Cava-Pong and you might just find your bubble date!

About us:

We are A Bigger Circle. We connect people and brands on social media with the power of Data Driven Storytelling.

We are Accenture Song. In short: the experience agency. And to build the best experiences, you have to know what people want.

And right now, we know you don’t care about the origin of our company and you’re not wondering what our north star is. You just want to know if Accenture Song is worth a visit during Adnight (and if there’s a bar, of course). Spoiler alert: yes. And yes.

Why, you wonder? Well, we love innovation. And we’re good at it. So, we took the nerds, the weird ones, and the fixers, and we’ve put them in one of the rooms in our lovely building at the Marnixstraat. It’s amazing what free beers and pizza can do to some human beings. They came up with a theme as an excuse to go all out on their need to innovate. So, drums please, our theme for Adnight 2022 will be... ADNIGHT 2032

Nope, that’s not a typo. We’re going to let you experience what our Adnight will look like ten years from now. Remember the nerds and the weird ones we gave pizza and beer? They went all out on interactive installations, AI powered DJ’s and much, much more.

We don’t just want to entertain ourselves by coming up with these future predictions. We also want to encourage you as a brand, as a person or as someone that sneaks our security, to not only think about today or tomorrow, but to think about ten years from now as well.*

There’s no dress code because what you’re wearing today will be fashionable in ten years from now anyway. Can’t wait? Same here.

See you at the Marnixstraat on October 14th!

*Our boss wrote that to show at least one of our propositions (accept from that person who snuck security. That’s a joke. And dangerous. Don’t do it, our security guys are huge!).

At ADVENTURE CLUB between 18:00 and 23:00 we will guide through our studio with music, drinks, and snacks, but you stay for the DIGITAL DELIGHTS, where we'll be serving you up a slice of life as a digital creative alongside some TASTY FILTERS to get you through the long night ahead. JOIN US at Herengracht 444/5 on the 14th of October.

About us:

We are Adventure Club Amsterdam, the creative sister of the Finnish-rooted Adventure Club as well as friends with our partner agencies in the fusion ecosystem.

Our digital adventures are always human-centric. We determine how to narrate a story in the most effective and impactful way and what best digital tools to use in doing so. Always with business, brand, and user in mind. From strategic business design to UX, AR and Meta experiences.

During ADNIGHT, Friday October 14th, Alfred will be transformed to the greatest advertising pub in the Netherlands: ‘Vrienden van Alfred Live!’. Like ‘Vrienden van Amstel Live!’ we organize an evening full of live music, dancing, jumping, singing-along, talking, beer and snacks. Don’t expect a high end intellectual advertising exposition, we’re not so much into the Happy Few, we are the Happy Many agency.

About us:
We are Alfred International. The agency for the Happy Many. Or in other words: for the masses. Why? Because most advertisers benefit more from addressing millions of people, rather than a handful of trend setters. That is why we create ads that are entertaining and understandable. Especially for the Happy Many.

Alfred employs about sixty committed and enthusiastic people. All of us believe that great collaboration brings us further. That’s why our communication is open, honest and respectful. We continuously learn in order to improve ourselves. And oh yes, we make the best advertising for our clients (not for colleagues).

Freddy the agency is also part of our family. At Freddy we focus more on digital, PR and activation. Or as we say, the Connected Many. That way we offer our clients a broad media mix while we maintain control over the central idea.

About us:
Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company with offices in Amsterdam and New York, is a music and sound partner for brands, ad agencies, and production companies. Amp.Amsterdam develops sonic identities for brands, produces and licenses music for commercials and films, is a sound design and audio post production company, and manages music rights. Amp.Amsterdam works for brands like Webex, Zespri,, Gojek, Coca-Cola, Albert Heijn, Greenpeace, and Audi.

Utilizing its global network in the music industry and its partnership with Universal Music Group, Amp.Amsterdam is a conduit that brings the best songs, artists, composers, producers, and studios from every corner of the world to any project or client.

Together with our strategic partner Ambassadors we deliver integrated creative services on sound and image.

AnalogFolk Amsterdam invites you to an evening of innovation, music, and drinks. Join us as we explore how our identity is being shaped by the emergence of an open and connected metaverse. With us we have seasoned Amsterdam DJs that will get everyone ready for the official afterparty just around the corner from the studio.

About us:

Digital technology is the most disruptive force our world has ever seen. And it’s not good or bad. It’s how we use it that matters. We use it to make the analog world better with everything we create. That can be one person’s world, or our world as a whole. It can improve someone’s experience with a brand. Or have a positive societal impact.

We do this by focusing on the intersection of business goals, digital technology and the human experience. We identify where technology can improve social outcomes and use our creativity to unlock progressive solutions.

AnalogFolk is a digital first, creative services agency that delivers progressive work. By using "digital to make the analog world better", our goal is to be an impactful agency of change for people, brands and society in pursuit of a better world.

AnalogFolk is a global independent agency and part of AFG (AnalogFolk Group). The Amsterdam office opened its doors in 2019.

Always wanted to hear your production over kickass topnotch audio systems and receive tips on how to propel your craft to stellar proportions? Stop by at our spot! And yes we also provide fresh tunes and sick wines.

About us:

We are Audentity, we create beautiful, special, phat, banging, brittle, tailor-made soundtracks in our studios in Amsterdam’s former roaring harbour district. A close knit group of experienced specialists each with their own specialty provide sonic solutions to carry your concept and a brand’s core values.


It’s called Adnight for a reason.
Using darkness to our advantage, let’s shed a light on all things Boomerang Agency and Publicis Groupe are doing to make an impact in the ad industry. From new ideas to innovative thinking, our focus will be on projects and concepts that showcase our role as a guiding light in pioneering advertisements.

About us:
Boomerang Part of Publicis is an Amsterdam-based, globally-focussed creative Agency with a ten-year track record creating enduring brand impact through human connection. Boomerang combines real-time cultural insights, world-class creativity and dynamic production to raise the bar for brands like Heineken, Mentos, Spotify, KLM and Ahold Delhaize.

The beating heart of Boomerang Agency is its people: the suite of designers, creatives, strategists, producers and managers who are passionate about people, communication and culture. Collectively we’re driven, talented, quirky, bold, playful and when put together in an office, we can get pretty ‘effing loud. No matter if we’re loud or quiet, we suspect we’re having more fun than most.


Good food and great minds work up a sweat at Paradiso’s basement during ADNIGHT's afterparty! Crisp Creative is the in-house creative agency for Crisp, the much loved app-only supermarket. They will bring a tasty kitchen-vibe to Paradiso's basement, because what’s the unmistakably best place to be at any party? Exactly, the kitchen. That is where the most unlikely combinations of people have the most fun. It might have to do with the universal and unique combination of limited space, unlimited access to drinks and best of all: there’s food. So get your hands on their Brazilian pão de queijo, vegan sausage rolls and more sweaty baile funk than you can shake a breadstick at.

Innovative, tech savvy and imaginative. code d’azur introduces Creative Tech Night, an evening to discover and experience, where creativity and technology meet. Start the evening by meeting the code d’azur team for a drink, attend talks from code d’azur thought leaders about designing for a sustainable future, the Metaverse, conscious machines and more. Create your own generative art piece and dance on the beats of our progressive techno in-house DJ: rebrånded.
With special guest performance: Goldkimono
Have you ever wondered what moves you? Answer the question and let the magic of the popular festival artist Goldkimono happen in an interactive performance.

About us:

code d’azur is a global digital brand and experience company based in Amsterdam, with offices in Austin, Barcelona and Dubai. We strategize, create, design and build digital products, ecosystems and campaigns that stand out, fit in. Combining creativity, strategy and technology, we make the possibilities of tomorrow work for brands today.


Step inside our motherboard to take a look Behind The Screens, and explore the blurred borders between the physical and digital. Expect edgy performances and experiences: get your legs warmed up for the algorave - a boogie by the rhythm of live coding. Treat yourself with some magical designs, remix campaign candy and share thoughts with Depsters and our global partners. And many more ways to awaken your senses.

About us:

We are a pioneering technology and marketing services company that creates end-to-end digital experiences. Our team of 3,500+ digital specialists across 30+ locations on 5 continents delivers pioneering work on a global scale with a boutique culture. We are committed to making a positive impact on the planet and since 2021 have been Climate Neutral and B Corporation certified.

Take a look at the editorial board and the highlights of our content, a dance floor full of Salmari, be part of a De Speld article, make your own Kakhiel and even more funny surprises.

About us:

For 15 years, De Speld has been covering the world news with a satirical undertone. What once started as a small satirical online magazine has now grown into the largest online satirical platform with a huge reach in the Netherlands. In addition to satirical articles, De Speld does live shows, a quiz, theatre, podcasts, video’s and branded content. De Speld's branded content agency, De Speld & Partners, distinguishes itself by offering brands 'humor with a message'. The gigantic reach of De Speld and a number of other humorous titles is used here for brands that want to communicate their message to the target group.

When entering the office you're taking part of Dentsu Creative Konnichiwa Gameshow;

If working in advertising was a Japanese game show.

On entrance, you’ll get a golden egg that represents your golden idea. Can you keep your golden idea alive through the challenges that represent life at a creative agency? Can you fit to the brief and dodge the feedback?


About us:

We are Dentsu Creative Amsterdam, formerly known as dentsuACHTUNG!
We craft forward-thinking brands, experiences, campaigns and content. With a fearless mix of modern creativity, optimism and positive energy. We build brands through strategy, creativity, technology and design. We believe that every contact moment with a brand is one where we can make the difference. That’s why we don’t just specialize in brand positioning, identity design and integrated campaigns, but also in digital platforms, experience, innovation, social media, entertainment and content.

B.Y.O.B (Build Your Own Brand) with Design Bridge. It starts with a mystery box brief and ends with a real pitch – with some wild cards along the way.

About us:
Ours is a simple story. We started Design Bridge to do amazing work with people who get as excited as we do about the impact design can make. It’s that simple.

Always collaborating, we bring together instinct and insight to inspire ambitious creativity. We create connections between people and the brands they love by unlocking truth and personality. Then we weave it through the brand world like a golden thread. Making brands as meaningful on the outside as they are on the inside.

A thriving creative studio, bringing new perspectives to the smallest big city in Europe. Nobody does contrast quite like Amsterdam. Old and new. Passion and precision. Local culture and global ambition. But sitting on the sun deck of our gorgeously modern Amsteldok studios, looking out over the 17th century canals, it all makes perfect sense. Founded in 1995, we’re now a team of over 85 passionate people, brought together from every part of the world. We draw from diverse perspectives and experiences to create brands that speak to people in a deeper way. And in Holland, a world of inspiration is only ever a bike ride away.

Mission Possible
Discover the impact of Digital Natives and the Web. You can enjoy immersive experiences, work that matters, chats with our open-minded colleagues , funky disco vibes and food for the soul. It’s all possible.

About us:

As passionate digital professionals, growing up during the rise of the internet, we understand the web inside out. We believe the power of digital platforms and services is to help businesses grow and make an impact on their mission. As an Amsterdam based agency we listen, we challenge and we guide our clients forward in the era of change.

Dorst & Lesser is a one-stop-shop social media agency. Our purpose is to make brands more social; to allow them to have more meaningful connections with their tribes & to create a wave of thirst for their brand. We do this through kick-ass creative content and successful advertising strategies. All based on the latest social insights and more than ten years of knowledge of the European social media market.


Link-Ad, Social-Ad, Banner-Ad, Google-Ad, TV-Ad, Campaign-Ad, Video-Ad, Branding-Ad, Out-Of-Home-Ad, Content-Ad, Influencer-Ad, Placement-Ad, Event-Ad, Cannes-Ad, AdNight-Ad, Add more Ad!... Ad, Ad, Ad... Ugh.
Find. Some. Relief.
The world is always go, go, go, so let's take it easy and stay, stay stay, to enjoy ads that soothe us, not stress us. FLIRT invites you to experience a night of relief by turning the most acclaimed ads into a smooooooth experience.

Let’s turn ads together into a fun event with DJs, bartenders mixing ad inspired cocktails, a nail artist giving you a new look and eclectic projections mixing acclaimed ads into smooth visuals for smooth brains.

About us:

FLIRT® is a multi-channel creative agency that uses storytelling to grow businesses and culture. With over 15 nationalities, we are small in numbers but mighty in ideas, bringing together the brainpower of a global armada.

We like advertising, we love creativity, but we worship culture. With a keen eye on trends, we sacrifice mediocrity and we do it with our fearless weapons: Keynote, Creative Suite, code, cameras, and a trusty phone.

Fama Volat (from Roman poet Virgil, 70-19 BC) is Latin and means 'rumour has wings', the oldest known reference to word-of-mouth. We're a media independent with offices in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg and Den Bosch Fama Volat is present in key creative areas in The Netherlands. Our philosophy is that brand activation and innovation should, as a marketing result, lead to positive buzz.

At Fama Volat we are pragmatic in the way we combine creativity with science. All of our work is based on our Buzz Canvas Model, which incorporates the insights of social psychology and behavioural science. This enables us to develop solutions that increase the impact and effectiveness of your marketing and communications.

Flatline x Metaverse, can you get tipsy in the Metaverse on Flatline Limoncello?

You’ll recognize us with our FLATLINE T-shirts and of course our devilishly good looks. We’ll be walking around chatting to attendees, giving a real creative and technical insight into what we do. We’ll be live-streaming this event on our socials for the people that couldn't make it. Meet the Creators, innovators and developers that are changing the tech scene as we know it. BUT most importantly there will be a load of beer and food to eat with a DJ set from our own resident in-house DJ. So come along, brings your friends and let's hang out!

About us:
Flatline Agency was founded almost four years ago by two brothers Robin and Dylan have grown to a team of 35+ specializing in Custom development and design with many bespoke projects in web 3, e-commerce & many other enterprise level projects. Simply put, we design, we build and then we win you an award with some next-level innovations. We work with some of the most recognizable local and global brands, We work with the likes of Hugo Boss, Oger, MG, Budweiser, Vanilia, Mystic, Deloitte, Just Eat, and even the NBA! We don’t discriminate here at Flatline, we like the early stage start-ups to the global enterprises. We specialize in design, development, web 3 and we like integrating middleware applications to build multi-market platforms. We don’t shy away from any sort of challenge.


This ADNIGHT, Gardeners continues to plant seeds of goodness where we’d love to inspire the world of advertising with the power of positivity. Come and see for yourself in the Vondelkerk: there’s Do Good Disco, Do Good Work and Do Good Talks, all whilst enjoying some Do Good Drinks and Do Good Food.

About us:

At Gardeners, we plant seeds of goodness through impactful strategy and newsworthy advertising. A place where good things grow. And with good things we mean everything that adds something good to life and the planet. In order to allow for all these beautiful things to grow permanently, we know that it is important that our work contributes to this.

By combining strategic thinking and marketing and business experience with creativity, design, newsworthy campaigns and a huge partner network, we manage national and international campaigns as lead agency. Since PR is in our roots, we have an earned media way of thinking, which creates newsworthiness for our campaigns and activations. In addition, we also handle monthly PR in the form of retainers, branded content, creative mailings, seeding strategies and influencer marketing.

Event description: During ADNIGHT, Granny’s Amsterdam office in Noord will host the creative programme: “Pay Me Like A White Man”. The event will include a talk on fair pay, representation in the creative industry and knowing and owning your value. There will be an opportunity for discussion after the programme, and to enjoy drinks and music, in true ADNIGHT style.

About us:

We are Granny. Our culture is our company. We are entertainment & pop culture experts. We are an Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Los Angeles based creative agency with an international focus and origin in social media. With a team of 60+ Grannies we run creative content and campaigns for leading entertainment brands. Granny is known to turn brands into beloved pop cultural icons. Granny doesn't believe in hierarchies. We trust you, we empower your knowledge and nurture teamplay. We believe that diversity is the mother of creativity. It is how we deliver the best results for our clients and empower our employees to have an exceptional and safe work culture.

Alert, alert. This is downright Madness! For one night, and one night only, GroupM opens her doors to outsmart your inner senses and perceptions. In the house where media is king and content is queen, we serve you our brilliant, mad spirits. Join our territory of MADNIGHT to get in touch with your inner Madness.

About us:
GroupM is part of WPP and consists of the media agencies Wavemaker, Mindshare, MediaCom and Greenhouse. GroupM's credo is 'To make advertising work better for people'. The aim of the organization is to shape the future of media and advertising.


We are in constant flux. Nothing is permanent. Shift happens for a reason. For us, it is the only way to move towards a hopeful future, where brands and businesses add more meaning to the world. We at Havas + Lemz are here to make that shift happen.
On October 14, we invite you to drop by and join us for one night of shifting minds and moving hearts. An evening filled with music and meaning, where we share stories and ideas and get you all excited. And yes, we will challenge you to bust a move. To show your shift. Don’t worry, you can do it. After all, we are all full of… shift.

About us:

We are Havas + Lemz. A crew of 100 creatively talented people that work together in one Impact Village. We're here to help brands and organisations shift to more meaning, so they can have a positive impact on business and the world. Whether that shift is big or small, it doesn’t matter. As long as it is in the right direction.

As a human being in the ad industry you should master the skills of hitting people between the eyes with your message. This Adnight we invite you to join our crew of vakidioten at the Higuita Laser Quest. Come play the winners game and get a chance to win an exclusive Higuita goodie bucket.

About us:

Higuita is an unorthodox creative agency that builds brands in todays on- and offline world.


We are INDIE.

We love change by breaking open the market with a big smile.

This is where juniors, seniors, graphic designers and musicians join forces.

Where you can say everything and do anything.

A culture of ‘my door is always open’ and a place where we worship talent.

It’s never a dull day at INDIE.

About us:
We are iO: a growing team of experts who provide end-to-end services that deliver communication and digital transformation. Thinking big, working local. On strategy, creation & content, marketing and technology, we work with our customers to strengthen their brands, improve their digital systems and ensure their future-proof growth.

We don’t just help clients achieve their business goals. With them, we discover and exploit the infinite Opportunities offered by markets in a constant state of flux.

The springboard for those infinite opportunities is talent. Using the campus as our breeding ground for innovation, we create an environment where talent is given the space and stimulation to emerge, develop and flourish.

The time to work on tomorrow’s infinite possibilities is today.


Get challenged and test your opinion on creatives. Who knows what works best, your human opinion and experience or Kantars AI machine?

About us:
Kantar is the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company. We have a complete, unique and rounded understanding of how people think, feel and act; globally and locally in over 90 markets. By combining the deep expertise of our people, our data resources and benchmarks and our innovative analytics and technology, we help our clients understand people and inspire growth.

By courtesy of the Creative Community of Amsterdam, you are hereby summoned to a night of royal festivities at a not-so-far-away Kingdom of Something. We are opening our gates and inviting you to come meet the royal cocktail-giving cow and our magical sword swallower, pull the sword to prove your worth and enjoy some live music.
“Something Royal” aims to remind us how the creative industry can be the perfect combination of high-level professionalism and child-like wonder. We shall be delighted to welcome you in our castle and you shall leave happy ever after.

About us:
Kingdom of Something is the problem-solving, dragon-slaying creative motion studio. A Knighthood dedicated to finding the best creative solutions for agencies and brands.

We are not your average order-taking vendor. We are proud to be the go-to partner for some of the world’s biggest agencies and brands because they trust our expertise, as we do theirs. By asking the right questions and challenging the creative vision, we ensure the best possible results for our clients.

About us:
Kult&Ace is a next gen PR agency. Bold, different and young. We are a one-stop shop for connecting you with the target group. We are specialized in Gen Z and Millennials and are deeply rooted in DE&I.

We work for amazing brands like PUMA, Hennessy, Foot Locker and PepsiCo, but are also very active for cultural clients (e.g. FOAM, Amperpodia, M.), social initiatives (e.g. Free Heri Heri For All), governmental institutes (Gemeente Amsterdam), young designers and start-ups.

We are the one-stop agency that will help brands stay relevant in a fast changing and diverse landscape.


Our theme is dedicated to the Killed Darlings: ideas that - for whatever reason - didn't make it. Those who regularly see their precious ideas canned by clients, supervisors, and coworkers need this seminar. Such a rejection can feel like a slap in the face for the creator. We've put together a lecture to give those present the tools to deal with this disappointment.

About us:
MIX is an idea-driven agency. This means that we use creativity as an engine for ideas. Everything else comes afterward. Data, resources, channels. It's all secondary to the idea. We develop these ideas for brands that want to stir things up. That could be a brand that needs a change. But also a company with a sound business model, where advertising and branding could use a breath of fresh air.

It all starts with an idea. And when that is articulated, we look at which effect is most suitable and sufficient. Therefore, it's resource-free creation. A good idea is the only thing that really sticks with people. Everything else is noise.

Step into the Monastery's Multiverse and, discover how creativity is at the center of everything we do.
Explore the Monks Universes starting from our base in Amsterdam and, uncover MM most powerful creative adventures. See creative ideas taking different life-forms within all our departments. Social, film, Experiential... You name it! Each Universe will be represented by installations, ambient media and pure entertainment to showcase best-in class creativity. Access the MMultiverse for one night at AdNight and discover - Everything, Everywhere all Ad once!

About us:

At Media.Monks we change the work, how the work gets done, and what the work can do. We engage with audiences through personalised, best-in-class creative and digital experiences. This Adnight, we invite you to step into the MMultiverse* and wander around with us as your guides.


Our advertising profession is rarely a dull affair – it can in fact be quite hectic. You must keep up with the zeitgeist, keep your head calm amidst inexplicable briefings and constantly figure out the logic behind the user interface of the latest social apps. It’s a taxing job and insanity is lurking, so come by and get a shot of NEEW energy.

About us:
We are NEEW. An independent creative agency with business brains. Building brands and boosting businesses through ideas that add value to people’s lives.
NEEW is a business creative agency that works with creative strategists and strategic creatives.
In a world where people are becoming more selective in what they engage with, we believe it is crucial for brands to not only advertise, but also 'actvertise'; story doing versus story telling. So next to just campaigns & ads we are the drivers of new propositions, products, services, activations, etc. Stuff that matters, that is relevant and adds value to both consumers and brands, resulting in innovation and growth.

Natwerk is an absurdly effective advertising agency that delivers market strategies and translates them into high-profile solutions. They influence the core of the problem and always achieve: more sales and/or a better margin and/or more market share. Based on this solution, they build a campaign that the target group cannot stop talking about. Products, activations, smart tools, communication concepts. They have been doing this since 2005. By not being normal, they really reach people. With advertising they are waiting for. This is how they make brands such as Lebara, Dirk van den Broek, Desperados and FEBO successful at both brand and sales level. They call it 'not normally effective'. They prove it, so choosing Natwerk is guaranteed to have an effect on turnover, margin or market share.

At Nosh Foodfilms we create appetite in many ways. On this one special night we will show you how food, drinks and motion control technology come together to create stunning results. Ever seen yourself in extreme slow motion?

About us:

Nosh creates high-end film & photography content. We do this for all facets of the market, whether that be a small but powerful social campaign for an up-and-coming brand, or the global launch of a new kitchen appliance for the big corporate. We got your back.

Our tagline says 'creating appetite'. We live by that motto and make sure our service is of the highest standard. We want you to make your brand-challenge our mission. Solving it is our core strength. Worry free.


Red Night:

Find yourself wondering through our office at the Achtergracht whilst enjoying a cocktail (or two), picking up insights of the benefit of sound when you’re building a brand and close the night off with a live performance of our beloved Nnelg. The night promises to not only entertain with performances or educate about how we build brands, but meet likeminded people who love to create and put their talent to work for brands who want to reach the new generation.

About us:

We are an award winning agency for entertainment, sport and lifestyle brands who want to reach the new generation. We’ve build a proven track record by being passionate of building brands for 10 years straight.

About us:
We inspire brands and people to impact the world
We are home to a diverse range of creative thinkers and doers, united in a single cause: making brands grow in today's complex, noisy, hyper-connected world. As part of the global Ogilvy network, we have been growing brands and businesses since 1948. Today we continue that rich legacy by combining profound brand knowledge with in-depth expertise in social activation.

We believe in borderless creativity
As creativity thrives by combining our different talents and backgrounds, we can proudly say that diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone of our agency, uniting more than 80 experts from over 19 nationalities. We are truly connected with our colleagues around the globe and have one shared passion – to create brand experiences that make brands truly matter to people’s daily lives.


Join us at Paradiso for our talent program in partnership with +PlusOne, YoungDogs, Ra*w and VIA: WAY IN from 15:00 to 17:00. Or for the official afterparty from 23:00 till late.

At Popcorn Stories we are very proud to present our Movie Theme Karaoke. In this exciting journey we take you on a trip through the best movie soundtracks of all time. When you're done singing, you can enjoy a drink and a talk with our Popcorn staff on our rooftop, while looking over the beautiful shores of the 'Houthavens'.

About us:

Hey there. We are Popcorn Stories. As a creative agency we focus on charities, NGO’s and brands who take responsibility and are the leaders of change. We take care of campaigns, copy, strategy and production. Everything you need to get your story across. Stories that matter.

Postoffice Amsterdam, creative production studio since 1986.

Come to Postoffice for a behind the scenes look at our creative production studio! Our VFX wizards will show you the ins and outs of how they bring CGI characters to life. Our Sound & Music department will host a live stage and an in depth look in their studio process.

About us:

What’s up, we are Publicis Groupe.
A network of agencies that’s literally all over the globe. From London, New York to Sydney and Tokyo. Really, you’ll find us everywhere.
So of course, we’d also be in one of the coolest cities in the world: Amsterdam. Right at the Wilgenweg in Amsterdam Noord, where we are a walking distance of some nice spots in the city, we do all kinds of stuff in the ad world. From commerce, data, media, creative, to PR, influence, and production - you name it, we got it.
With all these different tools and expertises in-house, we create some pretty cool campaigns for our many clients. What else? With big ideas we make people live big experiences and feel huge emotions.
We put creativity on top. With 300 people and 25 different nationalities, we not only learn a lot from each other's backgrounds, but also from each other's cultures. Another 250 new colleagues were added in 2021 when we joined forces with THE creative agency Boomerang and some more nice people from Le Pub, an agency created in collaboration with our client Heineken. A bar for creativity.

Though based in Amsterdam, we have the world at our feet with our very own ‘Work Your World’ program. We offer everyone the opportunity to broaden their horizons by working for 6 weeks somewhere else in the world from a different Publicis office. Plus, we give creative talent from all over the world the opportunity to learn from us through our SPA (Shaping Progress Academy), a paid internship program. Pretty dope, huh?


We are often quick to criticise the artificial nature of the digital world. But what if we can use that artificiality to pay homage to the natural world? On ADNIGHT come to Reaktor Amsterdam and take a six-minute trip into FOUR SEASONS, an art installation that takes you on a sensorial, psychedelic journey across the transition of the seasons. You'll be transported into another world — no VR headset necessary.

About us:
Reaktor is a creative technology partner for forward-thinking organizations and societies. We create digital products, services, and strategies built on exceptional technological competence. Embedded in our fold is Reaktor Creative, a creative agency on a mission to create future-driven brands with our forward-thinking customers — no matter the medium, technology, continent or industry.

RocketX is building the leading scale-up ecosystem, allowing exceptional scale-ups to compete and scale more effectively across Europe. We believe access to the best talent, smart capital and a strong revenue engine are the most important ingredients to supercharge scale-ups.

RocketX is made up of four labels:
RocketPeople: We help ambitious scale-ups to attract, develop and retain the right talent.
RocketCapital: We help ambitious scale-ups with fundraising throughout the entire growth journey.
RocketRevenue: Develop, retain and acquire the right customers to achieve the next stage of growth for ambitious scale-ups.
RocketTech: We help you design, implement and procure the right tech stack.


With SKINN, you will never get a gimmick as a solution: we put all of our knowledge into developing clever, timeless brands we can build on for the years to come. How do we achieve it? By sharpening our 6th sense: empathy. Listening to the needs of both our clients and the end customers is how we build lasting strategic and human connections. Our ultimate goal is to bring together beauty, empathy and technology in brands of the next generation. We believe the future of consumer brands is SUPERHUMAN: come and live your future today!

About us:

Brands need to move at the speed of culture and technology. At SKINN, we are keen observers of these evolutions and help our clients stay relevant in the changing world. That means we can’t just watch. We work to expand our expertise and services, always from a design-driven, multidisciplinary perspective. We are a strategic design agency with a clear focus on branding. With our holistic approach, we create and optimize smart brands that generate results and behave dynamically in a fast-changing world.

We thought it was high time for some good fun, and it’s always a pleasure to tell people about the power and importance of sound. SOUND IS EVERYTHING. We can’t stress it enough. Feel with your gut. Not with your head.

About us:
Soundcircus is a sound studio based in Amsterdam on the Entrepotdok. We primarily do sound work for advertisers and agencies, but don’t shy away from (short) films and documentaries. We know it’s all about tone and the right direction. That’s why we’re often asked to help find the right voice for a brand. We also love composing, doing sound design, 5.1 cinema mixes, podcasts.. you name it. We take care of all of the audio for a project. We are listeners and translate wishes into spoken words, songs or sound. We always ask ourselves: “What specific sound is needed to convey this message?” Sound is often the final step in production, making us the place where it all comes together. Visuals and audio, but also everyone’s opinion. That’s why we’ll gladly think with you on projects. Also, we make a damn good coffee to talk over.

We are Kees, Manon, Michiel, Zeno and Feike.

Pour out your ideas on the latest campaigns for Defence, the police, the Tax Authority, DJI, UMC Utrecht and many more. After firing shots at our work, come to the bar for a shot and win fantastic prizes in the shooting gallery. A great opportunity for creative talent to get immersed in the best specialism in the advertising world: employer branding.

About us:

We are Steam: an advertising agency specializing in employer branding and labor market

communication. Strategic, creative and full of energy. With about 25 colleagues, we are leading in the Netherlands and we are growing steadily. A great agency with beautiful, fun and ambitious clients. In a market segment that is developing strongly.

We're joining ADNIGHT to show our take on the creative sector - an iconic moment to celebrate our second anniversary and our first big, bold new step: a brand-new studio in Amsterdam North. Take part in the collective screen print and have a chance to win 1 of the unique pieces.

Be part of our high-energy party: free drinks, nice tunes and good company are included. And, an unforgettable shared experience is guaranteed.

About us:
Started in a small loft (hence the name ‘Vliering’, the Dutch word for small loft), inside the premises of restaurant Klaproos in Amsterdam we started working on building out new ideas and projects.

We don’t just work on designing high quality brand identities, thanks to our own facilities we can also translate these identities to physical products. Because we can keep control over the complete process, from design to idea, we manage to deliver at the highest standard! The Studio Vliering Standard.

Advertising sometimes feels like “selling hot air”, as we say in Dutch.
SuperHeroes are more into flying high.
Get ready for a night of floating, jumping, blowing and flying-high-as-a-kite-without-parachute-fun.

So come fly with us, schnuckiputzi!

About us:

SuperHeroes is a digitally born and raised global ad agency on an ambitious mission: to save the world from boring advertising. We are known for our disruptive creativity - the stuff that explodes into culture and sneaks into your lunch table conversation. Whatever it is, bring it. We’re an independent, nimble agency that’s been built from the start to tackle the world’s biggest brands, like Lenovo, MG Motor Europe, Netflix, Doordash, Zalando, The North Face, Vita Coco, Giant and more.


About us:
We are TBWA\ NEBOKO and we’re known as the Disruption Company. We help brands find strategic and creative white space through the power of Disruption. We develop business-changing, culture-defining and award-winning ideas for brands. And we’ve got the hardware to prove it. Consistently ranked among the top 10 agencies at SAN, we have been recognized with top honors from every major creative award show, including Cannes Lions, ADCN, and Effies. TBWA is a global collective and has proven to be a catalyst in uniting over 11,300 people, operating in 305 agencies, in 98 different countries.

In our contemporary digital world, video is at its core. And as the world’s biggest platform for video, YouTube offers endless possibilities. For brands, viewers, creators… and for YOU! Hence why as dusk falls, YouTube Agency Team5pm will turn its office into a YouTube world of wonders. Immerse yourself in 1200 m2 worth of surprises. Learn. Play. Eat. Drink. And get groovy with Crinkhoff, DJ Delivero and Stëfän Dänïëls.

About us:

Team5pm is the YouTube Agency! We help brands, advertisers and publishers to be successful on YouTube. We do this as a full-service agency and strategic partner. For national and international clients, such as Hyundai, Samsung, Prime Video, Unilever, GAMMA and more! How? We offer YouTube strategies based on data insights to new as well as already-established YouTube channels. We create YouTube advertising campaigns that generate quality attention with the right target audience. Our in-house Creative Studio produces video content optimised for the YouTube algorithm and your target audience. We can quantify the impact this YouTube-optimised content has on key brand KPIs through analytics and measurement. By combining our years of experience with data and insights usage, we know exactly what works on YouTube and what doesn't. As a team, we're creating successful YouTube channels for the smart brands of tomorrow.

Join The Mill for an immersive adventure on Friday 14th October. Our Experience team will be taking over the Amsterdam office to propel you into the heart of a pulse-pounding heist. Channel your inner criminal mastermind on the way to the Vault and unlock the secrets of pioneering storytelling at the forefront of immersive technology.

About us:

The Mill is a global creative partner for agencies, production companies and brands, working across multiple media channels and platforms. 

We are trusted specialists in Visual Effects, Creative Production and Experience design. Our projects include the creation of digital products and virtual experiences, as well as world class VFX and video production for the Advertising and Brand Experience industries.   

We are a vibrant network of talented Artists, Producers, Directors and Creative Technologists from multinational backgrounds. We nurture innovation, flexibility and diverse ideas across our studios in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seoul, Shanghai, and Bangalore. We are all united by one single ambition: To create extraordinary and memorable work that captivates and excites audiences.

The theme of ADNIGHT at Towel Media will be “Back to the Future”. After a few years of having to miss ADNIGHT, we are again able to look ahead. We inform our guests of the developments they can expect in the coming years and discuss these developments with high-profile people from different disciplines.

In addition, the theme is reflected in the creative interpretation and styling of the evening. A futuristic 80's vibe.

About us:

At Towel we understand what makes a good video. And with experience for over 10 years we dare to say that brands have proven to be the next-generation broadcasters and publishers. We specialize in the creation and production of tailor-made branded video content, ranging from commercials, documentary, and social to always-on content.

As a result we have the honor to be the lead video agency and partner for (inter)national clients, media- and advertising agencies, publishers and (influencer) broadcasters.

But what is a good video nowadays without a banging content strategy that actually reaches all of your brand objectives?

With our own Tube club, we ensure that our videos also achieve all media goals that have been agreed on. The Tube club specializes in developing data-driven content strategies and in optimizing channels and videos to ensure that your brand gets the attention it deserves on YouTube.

Our sister company The Pool provides the perfect media campaign with dynamic content and guaranteed results. The Pool brings videos to the right target audiences by using (owned) social channels, influencers, publishers and paid media.

The Koude Kermis

A koude kermis is the Dutch phrase for a ‘rude awakening’. And Amsterdam advertising needs one. We are all way too focused on hipsters, elite leftists and expensive mood films. But the people who watch SBS6 don’t know what an açai bowl is. They have never done a HIIT class and don’t even know what it means.
And so, at Truus we are inviting you to the real world. Come see what mainstream people think of your ads. Sanity check your creative ideas with a consumer panel of boomers from outside the big city. Or just come enjoy some beers and dancing.

About us:

Truus is an agency that makes advertising for real people. Since 2019 they have been working with approximately 40 people for brands like Netflix and KFC.


UNI_VERSE STUDIO presents: RGBXYZ, Digital Arts Expo teaser. A selection of installations and digital art and the official launch of ‘Clouded’, a VR game by UNI_VERSE STUDIO.

About us:
UNI_VERSE is a hybrid digital creative studio.Our roots are in 3D, animation, post,- and content production, but our vision stretches further than this.We believe in open source, collaborating, experimenting and exploring new ways of pushing the digital landscape towards new realms, connecting the digital with the physical world and using compelling and innovative technology while working with the most creative people in the industry.


The entire planet and the many people living on it have been going through a lot. Time to give our nerve system a break and enjoy good vibrations only.

During ADNIGHT 2022 VICE MEDIA GROUP will be spreading good vibrations in a world that’s already stressful enough. By working with good vibrations in the broadest sense of the word: smell, light, music and touch, visitors will unwind from the modern-day stimuli and enter the world of good vibrations.

Besides good vibrations there will be several talks by not only the creative director but also from other colleagues explaining how they contribute to the good vibrations that VICE MEDIA GROUP vibrates throughout the world.

So come join us in the Amsterdam office for an evening of good chats, good music, good drinks and all kinds of good vibes activities!

About us:

We are the predictive engine of culture, empowering creators to push the world forward. From franchise integration to bespoke programs, our global network of diverse creators will use their unique cultural fluency in partnership with your brand to make relevant, innovative work.

We’re Verve, designers, developers and strategists who transform good brands into great ones. Brands that people love and make companies thrive. We combine our digital-first mindset with razor-sharp strategy and outspoken design to distill a product’s energy into an unforgettable story.


About us:

WPP the Netherlands is a creative transformation company and uses the power of creativity to build better futures for our people, planet, clients and communities. The WPP campus is located on the Amstel canal and designed to bring together its people and agencies, encouraging greater collaboration and giving clients easier access to all of WPP’s talent and expertise. WPP houses over a dozen agencies of which five participate in ADNIGHT.

This is not a drill.
Located in one of Amsterdam's oldest fire stations, we invite you to a red-hot Adnight evening. Expect our program to be fiery, extinguished with a good dose of inspiration. No doubt you'll leave the building aflame. Make your emergency call and we'll see you at De Ruijterkade 148.

About us:
We are Wayne Parker Kent. A creative agency that firmly believes in the power of stories. We create stories that give brands a voice and a heart, and that enrich people's lives too. We use our guts, editorial DNA, and data-inspired approach to build and push the boundaries of brands like ALDI, Eristoff, Samsung, and Henkel. Making them loved today, ready for tomorrow.

We’re bringing the famous and legendary Berghain club to Amsterdam!

We started our journey in Berlin. Today you can find us all over Europe with nine international offices. Drop by to get a glimpse of how Berlin looked like back in the days. Expect the exclusive, the dark and the most creative. The rest remains a secret.

About us:
We Are Era is the shortest route to every European community and subculture.
We aim to craft the Zeitgeist in an era of movements. We turn personalities into icons.
We turn values intro stories. We turn insights into relevance.

Everything you actually need to know how to produce as modular, innovative as possible for multiple markets, multiple channels. We are going to show everything about CGI, 2&3D, animation, photography. On top of that we are going to show how to incorporate Virtual Production. Because that is not the future, it is happening.

About us:

Wenneker.Amsterdam laid the foundation for PAKT and has a long and proven track record in partnering with international brands and agencies to create the best product based content. Every day our in-house production and post-production teams work together seamlessly to produce award winning, best in class global content for any channel.

Wieden+Kennedy open their doors and invites you to 'Slime Mold'. No, this isn't an event about unrelated eukaryotic organisms with a life cycle that includes a single-celled stage and the formation of spores. It's an invite to W+K Amsterdam's ADNIGHT event. A night in which the agency will open its doors and invite you in to join spores with them. It's not gross, it's great. You'll see what they do, where they do it. There will be music by DJ Shady Lady and DJ Nellz. And their creative space will tell you more about the part in science where organisms aren't sure if they're animals or vegetables, along with why that’s so important to what they do.

About us:
Wieden+Kennedy is an independent, privately held global creative company that works with some of the world’s most innovative brands. W+K's first international office was established in Amsterdam in 1992, and has been helping brands impact culture all over the world ever since. Today, this B Corp certified office is a melting pot of over 152 sharp creative minds representing 31 different nationalities with clients including Nike, Samsung, Allianz and evian.

Deep dive into the animation process from storyboarding, styleframing, animatic, rendering, final composite and audio.

About us:

Woodwork is a versatile creative studio that uses design, CGI, animation, and sound to tell outstanding visual brand stories from concept to delivery.

Over the decade of Woodwork’s existence, we have used our creative skills on a wide variety of award-winning projects. Ranging from broadcast and identity motion-design, product, and manifesto films to full blown immersive experiences.

Spill the truth and come sip our dirty secrets.

Discover the speakeasy of “cocktales”. We give you the truth of working at WT neat – not shaken and not stirred. Order shotglass conversations short and not-so sweet, campaigns that didn’t make it into the glass, or maybe shake it up and give your own pitch. Be prepared for a real taste behind the secret doors of working at a creative agency.

About us:

At Wunderman Thompson we exist to inspire growth for ambitious brands. Part creative agency, part consultancy and part technology company, our experts provide end-to-end capabilities at a global scale to deliver inspiration across the entire brand and customer experience.

We are 20,000 strong in 90 markets around the world and bring to market a unique integrated agency ecosystem in The Netherlands: a 500+ strong team that combines creative storytelling, diverse perspectives, inclusive thinking, and highly specialized vertical capabilities to drive growth for our clients. We offer deep expertise across the entire customer journey, including communications, commerce, consultancy, CRM, CX, data, production, and technology.

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