The Amsterdam creative communication industry is changing constantly. New specialty agencies pop up like mushrooms, agencies merge and move and (especially after Brexit) international companies come to the city to open up their European HQ’s. The Amsterdam creative scene is buzzing with energy, but can be hard to keep up with. ADNIGHT is ‘the ultimate kitchen review’. People can literally peek into the kitchens of the creative hot spots they’ve been curious about or want to get to know. 

For one night only, on October 6th, ADNIGHT opens up 50 agency doors all across Amsterdam. ADNIGHT allows people working in marketing, industry colleagues and talent a unique sneak peek behind closed doors, breathe in the agency’s atmosphere, hear about the latest work and meet incredible people. 

The line up is a diverse list of full service and boutique agencies, specialty shops when it comes to VR, innovation, design, PR, social and the production companies that create stellar film, music and digital pieces. 

All participating agencies curate their own program. From talks and seminars to drinks and activities. See our agencies section to find out which companies are opening their doors this year and our timetable to see what they are organizing! 

ADNIGHT could not exist without the great help of some incredible companies and  people. Many thanks to our design and development partner 51North, responsible for this years event identity and website. ADNIGHT’s brand identity was created by Bycen Molenaar. And WeTransfer, our partner in official afterparty crimes!

ADNIGHT was founded by Claire Daemen, Denise Willigers, Dirk Jan de Krom, Rose Zandvliet and Wybe Sallows. 

For questions, contact info@ADNIGHT.nl