ADNIGHT is the biggest open night for the creative industry.

During ADNIGHT, doors will be opened that would usually be closed. Creative agencies all around Amsterdam will allow you a peek into their creative 'kitchens'. And all agencies will organise their own workshops, talks, tours, and offer you a chance to see their work and meet their people. With a diverse line up of agencies ranging from creative and design to film and music production and anything in between there is more than enough to discover!

So, why visit?

The Amsterdam creative industry is changing continuously. Full-service agencies are in constant transformation. Specialty shops are popping up like mushrooms. How do you keep up with a market that is changing so rapidly?

ADNIGHT is an easy and convenient way to discover about different marketing and communication specialists and solutions in just one night. A great way for marketeers and industry peers to keep up and learn about new possibilities. And for talent to meet and mingle.

All participating agencies curate their own program to present themselves and their specialty. Giving you a far better idea of their skill set than their website ever would. See our agencies section to find out which companies are opening their doors this year and our timetable to see what they are organizing!

About Stichting ADNIGHT Amsterdam

ADNIGHT is an event organized by Stichting ADNIGHT Amsterdam. A non-profit founded by five volunteers: Claire Daemen, Denise Willigers, Dirk Jan de Krom, Rose Zandvliet and Wybe Sallows.

For questions, contact info@ADNIGHT.nl