Talent Program

ADNIGHT partners with +PlusOne, YoungDogs, Ra*w and VIA to organise the first ADNIGHT talent program called WAY IN. Meant specifically for anyone interested in, but not yet working in advertising.

On Friday October 14th, +PlusOne, RA*W and YoungDogs will join forces with ADNIGHT and VIA to organize a special event at Paradiso: WAY IN. This event, aimed specifically at people who are not yet working in the creative industry, is meant to be a low key way to get familiar with agencies and learn about different roles. The industry is notoriously hard to break into. With the combination of WAY IN as a kickstart program, and ADNIGHT providing easy access to over 60 different agencies, the ambition is to lower the barrier for young and diverse talent to take the first steps towards a creative career.

ADNIGHT quite literally opens the doors to agencies all across Amsterdam, enabling visitors to get an easy overview of skills, people and work being made in the industry. “We have tried to involve students and young talent with ADNIGHT since the start, but we felt that the barrier to visit was still quite high” says Denise Willigers, responsible for the talent program of ADNIGHT. “We wanted to partner with like-minded organizations within the industry to really help to bring more people from all backgrounds into the event. And giving them the necessary baggage to get the most out of the night.” +PlusOne, RA*W and YoungDogs will be responsible for the program together with ADNIGHT. VIA is sponsor of the afternoon and will help recruit students through their network as well.

In a raging war on talent, the industry is struggling to find new talent. And the lack of inclusivity plays a big part in that. Where diversity and inclusion have become a priority for agencies, a lot fail in their efforts to look in the right direction to find people. Angelo Bromet, co-founder of +PlusOne: “In many ways, more inclusive thinking is key to the future existence of our industry. The need for our industry to remain competitive demands that we look outside of our ‘circle’ and actively invite people in.”

+PlusOne, RA*W and YoungDogs will be responsible for the program of WAY IN. It will include an introduction to the creative industry and two panel talks. Specific topics, like how to break into the industry will be discussed among a group of both industry veterans and starters. Panelists will share their experiences and provide insights to create tangible takeaways for the audience. Afterwards visitors can get up close and personal with the panelists for 1 on 1 Q&A’s. The program ends where ADNIGHT starts, allowing all participants to dive into ADNIGHT.

WAY IN will take place during ADNIGHT on Friday October 14th from 15:00 to 17:00. WAY IN will be a seated event at Paradiso. The event is meant for people who do not work in the advertising industry and only accessible with an ADNIGHT ticket.

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