Route - West

With over 60 participating agencies we can imagine it’s hard to choose where to go. To help you out a bit, here’s a suggested route through Amsterdam West (and one agency next to Museum Square). This route could be a nice starting point if you want to visit some agencies in the Center as well or combine it with the Schinkel-route.

Team5PM is ready for you from 18.00 to start your ADNIGHT. This ‘YouTube Agency’ will turn its office into a YouTube world of wonders. Immerse yourself in 1200 m2 worth of surprises. The team will proudly showcase their vibrant culture and in-house creativity, while demonstrating YouTube’s endless possibilities for brands and creators. Learn. Play. Eat. Drink. And get groovy.

By courtesy of the Creative Community of Amsterdam, you are hereby summoned to a night of royal festivities at a not-so-far-away Kingdom of Something. During ADNIGHT they will open their gates and invite you to come meet the royal cocktail-giving cow, learn how to slay a dragon and pull the sword to prove your worth. Be welcomed in their castle and leave happily ever after.

After this medieval stop, go and visit social media agency Dorst & Lesser on the Overtoom. This year they have joined forces with New Wave Reblz; an influencer agency for TikTok talent. You can go here for a TikTok workshop and a TikTok bingo.

Three minutes from here is the Vondelkerk where you’ll find the Gardeners. This agency inspires the world of advertising with the power of positivity. ‘We plant seeds of goodness through impactful strategy and newsworthy advertising. A place where good things grow. And by good things we mean everything that adds something good to life and the planet.’ This ADNIGHT the Gardeners have arranged several talks. Needless to say, there’ll also be good food, good drinks, and good music.

From here it’s only three minutes to Paradiso, but we suggest you first pay a visit to &.media group to get in the mood. The sound waves of digital storytelling have transformed to new heights in recent years. Immerse yourself in a digital disco at their office. &.media group is a media & content label that combines the power of influencer marketing, PR, (social) media and content production. Educate yourself on all things digital storytelling, create an influencer worthy picture and enjoy the digital disco with beers, sangria, and disco DJs.

The route

Team5pmBaarsjesweg 198
Kingdom of SomethingJacob van lennepkade 334 - U
Dorst & LesserOvertoom 373i
GardenersVondelstraat 120D
&.media groupVan Miereveldstraat 3
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