Route - North

With over 60 participating agencies we can imagine it’s hard to choose where to go. To help you out a bit here is a suggested route if you want to move from North in the direction of the city center (Paradiso) or the other way around.

This route starts at Fama Volat. Fama Volat is Latin for ‘rumour has wings’ or ‘fame flies’. The image of an angel spreading rumours with her trumpet is the earliest reference to word-of-mouth marketing. And that is precisely what they promise: sensational content and an experience that people talk about all night.

Right around the corner you’ll find Granny. During ADNIGHT, Granny’s Amsterdam office in Noord will host the creative programme: “Pay Me Like A White Man”. This includes a talk on fair pay, representation in the creative industry and knowing and owning your value. There will be an opportunity for discussion after the program, and to enjoy drinks and music, in true ADNIGHT style.

Grab your bike because we’re crossing to the other side of north in the direction of Studio Vliering where you can take part in a collective screen print and have a chance to win 1 of the unique pieces. Studio Vliering welcomes you to their brand new office, where they present themselves as way more than just a print studio. To them, design is personal, unique, and without a single strategy for everyone. They’ll show you their take on advertising where collaboration stands for conversation.

Catch your breath on your way to Boomerang and Publicic Groupe as they have organized a small festival on their own. As they share the same building, they collaborated in this event.

It’s called ADNIGHT for a reason and they’re using the darkness that comes with it to their advantage with Bright Ideas: A Light in the Dark. A light will be shed on all things Boomerang Agency and Publicis Groupe are doing to make an impact in the ad industry. From new ideas to innovative thinking, with a focus on projects and concepts that showcase their role as a guiding light in pioneering advertisements. Take a better look at their program as there are tons of talks scheduled throughout the night.

In the same street you’ll find, where they create video content, both covering the production process as well as the post-production inhouse. Wenneker.Amsterdam is part of Pakt, and so is Nosh Foodfilms & Photography, which is located 2 doors down the road. They are a highly specialized food-focused-creative-production-studio (a mouth full), creating content for spicy agencies and delicious brands alike. Go there and create some appetite.

Moving down towards the center, pay a visit to SKINN BRANDING AGENCY, located in the A’DAM tower. SKINN BRANDING AGENCY is a strategic design agency with a clear focus on branding. With their program the future of consumer brands is SUPERHUMAN, you can live your future today. They recently opened (their third office) in Amsterdam, so give them a warm welcome, enjoy one of their talks and some amazing views from the tower.

From here you can cross the water and find your way to Paradiso. Or if you still have some time, look into some of the suggested routes in the Center. From the A’DAM tower it’ll take you about fifteen minutes to reach Paradiso.

The route

Fama VolatGedempt Hamerkanaal 179
GrannyMeeuwenlaan 98-100
Studio VlieringKorte Papaverweg 14E
Boomerang AgencyWilgenweg 14A
Publicis GroupeWilgenweg 12A
Wenneker.amsterdamAsterweg 8
Nosh Food FilmsAsterweg 8
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