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Route - Center 2

With over 60 participating agencies we can imagine it’s hard to choose where to go. To help you out a bit, here’s a suggested route through the city center. As there are a lot of agencies located in the center, this is one of two routes. Combine the two, go to another area in town or just take it easy. Pick your favorite programs and make it your ADNIGHT.

No one likes their creative ideas to be rejected by a CD or client. At MIX you can mourn for those ideas. Sadness and frustrations apart, this is also a moment to celebrate creativity and look for a much brighter future. Celebrate the Killed Darlings who’ll be dearly missed.

The Mill is a true craft-agency. Projects include the creation of digital products and virtual experiences, as well as world class VFX and video production for the Advertising and Brand Experience industries. Their Experience team will be taking over the Amsterdam office to propel you into the heart of a pulse-pounding Heist Night. Channel your inner criminal mastermind on the way to the Vault and unlock the secrets of pioneering storytelling at the forefront of immersive technology.

Wieden+Kennedy open their doors and invite you in to join spores with them. Sounds gross, but it's great. You'll see what they do, and where they do it. Their creative space will tell you more about the part in science where organisms aren't sure if they're animals or vegetables, along with why that’s so important to what they do here at Herengracht 258. 

Cross the Amsterdam ‘9-straatjes’ to reach Reaktor, your tech partner for the night. Especially for ADNIGHT they created FOUR SEASONS; an immersive experience based on the natural changing of the seasons. It's a psychedelic journey of the senses, designed to give guests an all-encompassing respite from the day-to-day. This is nature, re-imagined for a digital world. And if that doesn’t soothe your senses, they also host several project showcases, where senior consultants share their stories and learnings. There'll be seasonal cocktails, a DJ, and themed gift bags — all the ingredients for a great time.

We end this route with AnalogFolk. Where they use digital technology as the most disruptive force our world has ever seen to make the analog world better with everything we create. That can be one person’s world, or our world as a whole. It can improve someone’s experience with a brand. Or have a positive societal impact. Meet the folks of AnalogFolk before heading to the Paradiso or a different area in town.

The route

MIXSpuistraat 35A
The MillHerengracht 124‑128-II
Wieden+Kennedy AmsterdamHerengracht 258
ReaktorOude Looiersstraat 51
AnalogFolkPasseerdersgracht 18
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