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With over 60 participating agencies we can imagine it’s hard to choose where to go. To help you out a bit, here’s a suggested route through the city center. As there are a lot of agencies located in the center, this is one of two routes. Park your bike and go on foot as these agencies are super close to each other.

Want to know exactly what is going on in the field of younger generations, culture, brands and music? Then a visit to Herengracht 433 is a must. Amp.Amsterdam // The Sonic Branding Company, Kult&Ace and PACT worldwide join forces and expertise for ADNIGHT. Together they facilitate a varied program consisting of, among other things, panels, inspiration sessions and co-creation.

Take a left-right-left and you're at Adventure Club for ADventure Night where they’ve created an interactive experience that allows you to experience some of the monsters that lurk below the glossy surface of agency work. Stay for the digital delights to be served up with a slice of life as a digital creative alongside some tasty filters to get you through the long night ahead.

Cross the Vijzelgracht to visit VICE Media Group. They’ll be spreading good vibrations in this world. In the broadest sense of the word: smell, light, music and touch, visitors will unwind from the modern-day stimuli and enter the world of good vibrations. There will be several talks shedding light on how VICE Media Group contributes to the good vibrations that they vibrate throughout the world.

At 180 Amsterdam, you’re welcomed to the jungle, as they were inspired by it. When acclaimed film director Francis Ford Coppola experienced production challenges while making Apocalypse Now in the Cambodian jungle, he uttered these famous words: “Whenever you get into trouble, keep going. Do a 180 degree turn. Turn the situation halfway round. Don’t look for the secure solution. Don’t pull back from the passion. Turn it on full force.” Go on an advertising safari in the jungle of 180 Amsterdam.

Move up a canal and cross the road to visit SuperHeroes. SuperHeroes is a digitally born and raised global ad agency on an ambitious mission: to save the world from boring advertising. Advertising sometimes feels like “selling hot air”, as we say in Dutch. SuperHeroes are more into flying high. Get ready for a night of floating, jumping, blowing and flying-high-as-a-kite-without-parachute-fun.

Still soaring? End this route at RocketX, with their program Road to a Unicorn - How to accelerate your career and help the innovators of tomorrow. RocketX is not your traditional agency as they provide end-to-end services and help scale-ups within their four growth domains: revenue, tech, people and capital. Through talks, ADNIGHT guests will gain insights on what RocketX does and how they help the innovators of tomorrow.

Now you can grab your bike again! Visit one of the many other participating agencies or we’ll see you at Paradiso.

The route

Amp.AmsterdamHerengracht 433
Kult&AceHerengracht 433
Adventure ClubHerengracht 444
VICE Media GroupReguliersdwarsstraat 90-92
180 AmsterdamHerengracht 506
SuperHeroesKeizersgracht 585
RocketXPrinsengracht 739 -741
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