Why visit?

The Amsterdam creative industry is changing continuously. Full-service agencies are in constant transformation. Specialty shops are popping up like mushrooms. How do you keep up with a market that is changing so rapidly?

ADNIGHT is an easy and convenient way to discover about different marketing and communication specialists and solutions in just one night. A great way for marketeers and industry peers to keep up and learn about new possibilities. And for talent to meet and mingle.

All participating agencies curate their own program to present themselves and their specialty. Giving you a far better idea of their skill set than their website ever would.

Last year, MarketingTribune asked three experienced marketeers why they thought you should visit ADNIGHT. Here’s what they said:
Xavier Feliu Blanch
Head of Brand Engagement and Sponsorships at VodafoneZiggo

"We see the names of agencies very often, you see their work even more often, but you don’t get to know the team and the people behind it, so I hope to really meet great people, the type of people that makes you think: I’d like to work with them."

Ed Walsh
Nike Brand Communications EMEA

"For me it is all about the work. It’s a good opportunity to see what fresh creative talent in advertising has been up to. We try to keep up with new work through various media but it is way more interesting to be able to discuss it with the people who made it. And see agency work in more depth than the press release."

Sjors van Drie
Senior Brand Manager Budweiser

"ADNIGHT is a low key way to meet the best agencies in Amsterdam. As a marketeer you work on your own brand with your own roster of agencies on a daily basis. It is great to take the time for a broader perspective and get new insights about working together with agencies and even for developing your own campaigns. We don’t take the time to see what is happening out there and we should."