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Staalstraat 7a 1011 JJ Amsterdam http://top-notch.nl/

Top Notch is the most successful Dutch music label. Over the past 20+ years we’ve built a brand for ourselves that youth and artists want to connect to. We’ve got over 300k followers on IG and a shiney golden Youtube logo for reaching over 1 million subscribers at the start 2018. Reaching youth is what we do best, and what tons of brands want to do. And so, we work directly with brands and agencies to create partnerships. During Adnight, you can step into our office where we’ll reveal some of the projects we’ve worked on, but mostly showcase what to do and not to do when working with artists in a brutally honest exhibition. How do you create a win-win situation, and what not to do when operate with an artist or influencer will be the theme of our Adnight.


6:00 - 11:00 Gallery of golden concepts & Cabinet of crappy concepts

In two spaces we will showcase some of our own and other work that is a great match between artist and brand. Campaigns that are an actual win- win situation.

And we will evaluate several concepts that have been made, or have asked to be made, that are not the best match/campaign. We will explain what does and doesn’t work in each idea.

7:00 - 10:00 Hitmachine!

Inside the ‘kabinet der kutconcepten’ there is the ‘Hitmachine’, here you can write your very own track about your brand and record it with a producer and some ‘cool’ beats.

So we don’t ever have to deal with those requests again.