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Emmalaan 9 1075 AT Amsterdam http://www.postoffice.nl/

Postoffice is a postproduction company based in a historic building near the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. We offer a complete post production solution that includes editing, visual effects, 3D animation, compositing & colour grading. Postoffice is one the market leaders in the integration of CG characters in real life footage. Together with Good Sounds (music & sound) and Tone of Voice (voice over casting) we form a one-stop for all postproduction, servicing agencies and production companies within and beyond our borders.


6:00 - 11:00 The Postoffice Pitstop

Make a pitstop on your way to the city center or the Schinkel area to enjoy our drinks, (veggie) sausages and the fresh tunes played by our DJ Alex Ranzino (Disco Dolly, Hannekes Boom). Animate your own animal with our motion capture suit, play ping-pong, or discover your voice-over talent together with actors Bob Stoop & Oren Schrijver in our music studio.

7:00 - 10:00 Voice-over training with Bob Stoop & Oren Schrijver

Voice-over training with Bob Stoop & Oren Schrijver (15 min sessions). Pre-registering possible via info@toneofvoice.net