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New Amsterdam Film Company

Raamgracht 6 1011 KK Amsterdam http://newams.com/

New Amsterdam Film Company is an independent entertainment media company that operates with an integrated film studio mentality. We collaborate with exceptional talent from all over the world to develop, finance, produce and release high-end visual narratives through all platforms. On the one hand we create original content, on the other we partner up with advertising agencies and brands.

With more audiovisual works being produced every day, there's an increasing demand for hybrid filmmakers who know how to transform engaging narratives into strong cinematic experiences.

While being firmly rooted in contemporary culture, New Amsterdam Film Company fulfills that demand by combining an international network, production knowhow, craftsmanship and marketing knowledge
with a significant pinch of panache.

It’s our mission to make audiences worldwide laugh, cry, love or hate.


6:00 - 11:00 NEW AMSTERDAM

BBQ – by ChateauBriand – CELLAR DOOR
EXHIBITION: Behind the scenes of CATACOMBE Milan van Dril

Our friends from Chateaubriand will serve you some of their finest culinary enigma’s.
Of course, we won’t forget the non-meat lovers amongst us.
While you get the taste (or sip, thanks Heineken), go behind the scenes of our latest feature CATACOMBE through the lens of Milan van Dril.

7:30 - 11:00 HIT THE BAR competition – BALLROOM

WIN special prizes from our Collaborations Collection to add on to your wardrobe.

Limited editions of Daily Paper, FC Barkas, Blood In Blood Out and more are on display throughout the night.

8:30 - 9:30 MOVIE STORYWORLDS Intermezzo, how markets collide.

During the half-time break we’ll take you into the storyworlds from some of our recent film projects;


TALKING about the process of creating high-end visual narratives and how these cinematic experiences

come to live not only on the big screen but become of cultural relevance for the audience they are meant for.