Generaal Vetterstraat 77-E 1059 BT Amsterdam https://kokoroamsterdam.com

Creative ideas that make your heart beat faster. Or as we call it; heartvertising. That is in a few words what KOKORO (Japanese for ‘heart’) stands for. With our work we are able to touch peoples hearts ánd activate them. The ideal interplay between branding and performance. That is how we book results on the short and long term and literally and figuratively realize ‘remarkable growth’ for our clients. Besides that, we believe that working should be profitable and fun. Because if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, it’s impossible to create the best work.

Promising and young talent is very important to us, so we partnered up with the Switch Talent Program. Our brand new baby brother Tom Orrow is a new and fresh alternative for the well known consultancy agencies. They are the right hand of companies who want to move ahead in the digital world. Together, they build strong value propositions, know how to retain clients and realize growth.


ADNIGHT Market | KOKORO, Tom Orrow & Switch 6:00 - 12:00

As dusk falls, we transform into a spectacular night market. Stroll along the Oriental market stalls or sing your heart out at the Japanese karaokebar. Start the Adnight Talent Route at our Switch stall. Listen to the Tom Orrow’s predicting the future of market developments or let a real fortune-teller predict your own future! Choose something from the takeout menu at the KOKORO stall to get tips, tricks and fuck-ups from our creatives

Tips & tricks for young talent 6:00 - 8:00

Free pick up at the market stall of Switch Talent Program. The stall opens at 18:00 but you’re welcome all (AD)NIGHT long. Of course you can also sing your heart out at our Japanese karaoke bar!

Talk: Let’s predict Tom Orrow? 8:00 - 8:30

Listen to the Tom Orrow’s predicting the market developments or let your own future be predicted by a real fortune-teller!

Late night snacking of KOKORO’s menu 8:30 - 11:00

Choose a number on the menu and get to know our biggest fuck up moments, our greatest advertising learnings and many more. Not hungry? You can also sing a duet with one of us at our Japanese karaoke bar!