Amsteldijk 166 1079 LH Amsterdam https://www.hogarthww.com

The name Hogarth may sound new to you, but it has grown in the past 10 years from 20 people, to over 5000 around the world. Hogarth is the world’s leading Creative Production Company. We produce advertising and marketing content for clients like Apple, Coca-Cola and Nestlé, across all media channels and all languages. We are proud to be part of WPP and the WPP Campus in the Netherlands, where production operates in the center of the Client , Creative and Media triangle. We are eager to build the best production company in the Netherlands and so we look forward to meet the best and brightest talent this Adnight to fill our state of the art facilities. Please come an join us for drinks, bites and an introduction to our company.


ADNIGHT Wristband pick up till 22:00 5:00 - 6:00

Make sure to exchange your tickets for wristbands at the WPP Campus to get access to all participating agencies and the official afterparty at Paradiso.

The Future of Creative Production 6:00 - 11:00

We live in a world where the way we consume content is transforming. More screens, more branding, more touchpoints and more stories. Preferably all created with less budget than before. This situation makes it difficult for brands and creative agencies to produce work that is unique, performs well and is made specific for each channel. At Hogarth we believe we have an answer to deal with these problems, named Production Strategy. Come an join us in this session and discover what we do to create the best work in the smartest way