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Amstel 208 1017 AH Amsterdam http://www.cakefilm.nl

Cake Film & Photography represents directors and photographers. Cake produces commercials, music videos, short fiction movies and (fashion)photography.


6:00 - 11:00 CAKE: XXL Tableau Vivant

This year we will have a photography challenge for all ADNIGHT visitors! Create your own tableau vivant using your friends, family, other visitors or even the Cake interns.

(A tableau vivant, French for 'living picture', is a static scene containing one or more actors or models. They are stationary and silent, usually in costume, carefully posed, with props and/or scenery).

Just use as many people as you can find and all place them within the black square (5M2) aligned on the Cake HQ wall. Use the ladders, chairs or even the shoulders of the tough wanna-be creative next to you. All body parts must be INSIDE the black square. You are allowed to use the ‘pushers’ (recognizable by the black muscle shirts) to push everybody in. Direct and place your models as a true fashion photographer. Make sure they are as beautiful as they can be. Make sure all the faces are visible and the 3 main props are visible, held up straight and not broken.

The ADNIGHT visitor who has used the most models in his or her Tableau Vivant will be awarded so make sure you share your picture on Insta with the #tableauvivantcakeHQ, follow @cakefilmandphotography and we will reshare it on our stories!

On top we will proceed with our Karaoke bar that we started up last year and which was such a great succes.

It will be craaaaaaayyyyyccccrrrrraaaaaazyyyyyy.