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Brand New Telly

Karperstraat 8 1075 KZ Amsterdam http://brandnewtelly.com/

Brand New Telly is an agency that uses creativity and flawless execution to create an unfair competitive advantage for your business. It all started out with the Nike Panna Knock out and right now we are crafting idea's for brands like ING, Lexus, Crystal Clear, 3FM, Sourcy, Wingman and NPO3.


6:00 - 11:00 The Pre X-Mas BBQ - ‘cause you got to eat.

The best stories in advertising are told during Christmas. And Christmas comes early this year. During Adnight Brand New Telly combines two great Christmas traditions: great food and brilliant stories.
During an ongoing winter BBQ, expert storytellers give their opinion about storytelling in Christmas Ads. What is the power of John Lewis? Why did the Spanish Lottery excel in 2017? How did Media Markt score with humor?

From sessions about storytelling all the way to sessions about mind blowing SFX used in Christmas ads. You will hear about it during the The Pre X-Mas BBQ at Brand New Telly.

Rumour has it Mariah Carey will drop by.