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Blauw Gras

Danzigerkade 209B 1013 AP Amsterdam http://www.blauw-gras.com/

Blauw Gras is a digital and social content agency. With our content we want to reach out, make impact, inspire and move people. Brand targeting is key and we believe that you need to connect with your target group to know what is actually going on.


6:00 - 11:00 Indoor Jeu de Boules

Getting closer to your goals with our Jeu de Bitterboules competition during Adnight 2018 on October 5th.

How do you defeat your competition? During a MASTERCLASS in targeting at Blauw Gras, you will discover the best approach for each situation to get your target locked while you enjoy a variety of bitter balls. Let’s Bounce!

All night long.

7:00 - 10:00 Target tasting: Dutch handmade bitter balls by Wilde Kroketten
8:00 - 11:00 Drinks & Disco at Bar Blauw

All night long.