What is a passe-partout ticket?
ADNIGHT passe-partouts will give you access to all participating agencies during the night starting at 18:00 and ending at midnight. The ticket also gives you guaranteed access to the official afterparty in partnership with VICE and Virtue from 23:00 to 05:00 at De Marktkantine.
What is an agency only ticket?
ADNIGHT agencies only tickets provide access to all participating agencies but not the official afterparty.
Why do I need to fill in my profession?
This makes it easier for the ADNIGHT organization to brief agencies on programs relevant for as much visitors as possible.
Can I buy a ticket for the afterparty at a later stage?
No, afterparty tickets can only be bought in combination with an ADNIGHT ticket and will not be sold separately.
Does my ticket give me immediate access to the agencies?
Yes, but only if you exchange the ticket for an ADNIGHT wristband at a dedicated pick up point.
Where do I pick up my wristband?
There will be several dedicated ticket pick up points throughout the city to make it as convenient as possible to pick up a wrist band.